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The Woolworths Petrol journey began back in 1996 in Dubbo, New South Wales. Known back then as Woolworths +Plus Petrol, our first petrol site was opened in the car park of the Dubbo Woolworths Supermarket.For Woolworths Limited, the aim of the venture at the time was simple: to widen our services to customers and the community by offering petrol at locations adjacent to our Supermarkets at low prices.Small shops were constructed – known as Pay Points – with the aim to provide our customers with essential services: Petrol, oil, air and water.From 1996 to 2000, we continued to build and open many Pay Point sites across the country.In 2000, Woolworths identified the opportunity to expand even further in the retail petroleum business and we began to build and acquire larger petrol sites known as Convenience sites. Although Convenience sites are not located in Woolworths Supermarket car parks, they are generally close to a Woolworths supermarket.In 2003, Woolworths Petrol extended the discount petrol offer by moving into a joint venture with Caltex Australia. The aim of the joint venture was and continues to be to provide our customers with quality Caltex fuels at more convenient locations around Australia.Today the Woolworths Petrol brand is still growing. We have consistently opened at least 20 new Woolworths Petrol sites each year for the last five years and we are continually looking for new opportunities to service our customers.


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